Here's what you need to know. 

Unlike many virtual organizations, we accept and welcome pilots of all skill levels! One-on-one training with an Instructor Pilot (IP) will be provided, allowing you to learn in an environment that caters to your individual needs and circumstances to the maximum extent possible. As IPs become available, we may accept new applications at any time. Notifications of recruiting will be announced on the 163rd vFS Discord server and the Eagle Dynamics forums. During a recruitment cycle, 163rd Command Staff will review applications and send invites in order to schedule board interviews. The interview process is two-fold: A casual meet-and-greet on Discord, followed by a low-stress orientation flight.

Ideal pilot slot applicants are individuals that enjoy learning, studying documentation, are willing to put forth the effort required to continually improve, and are able to accept constructive criticism. As a student pilot you will be assigned a lot of reading material between training sorties. If you have questions, your first resource will be your IP, but you will sometimes need to seek out your fellow squadron pilots for answers, practice time, or clarity on any process or procedure that you’ve studied on your own. You must be self-motivated enough to seek knowledge and practice to improve.

After the interview process, the primary criteria used by the review board to decide who will be selected for a pilot slot include (but are not limited to) overall attitude, and how we feel an applicant will fit in with the squadron. If you are accepted, you will be assigned a primary IP and training sortie scheduling will be directly between you and your IP at a time that works for both of you.

After graduating from the training course, we conduct scheduled combat operations scheduled through our Aviation Resource Management System, based on the availability of pilots. Combined operations with our partner organizations will also be scheduled from time to time, and will be announced here and on Discord. Operational schedules more conducive to US West Coast time zones are in development and testing and will be published as soon as they are available.

Membership Requirements:

  • Must be a resident of a Five Eyes nation and at least 18 years of age
  • Must have DCS World 2.5, A-10C, and NTTR. Persian Gulf is optional, but highly recommended
  • Must be able to start, taxi, takeoff, and land the A-10C
  • Must not be a member of or fly with any other organization that operates the DCS A-10C in lieu of flying with the 163rd vFS. 
  • Must have Teamspeak and Simple Radio, a working microphone, and proficient communication skills
  • Willingness to make modifications to your DCS installation (We use our own custom mod packs! These packs do not pass DCS multiplayer integrity checks but are JSGME/OvGME compatible for ease of use)
  • Strong desire to learn and fly using official 163rd vFS operating procedures
  • Student pilots must fly at least three training sorties per month with their IP (with some flexibility for real world circumstances)

Training Operations

Our training program has been designed from the ground up to be realistic, but manageable and enjoyable. A training syllabus will be provided to new members that includes Initial Flight Training (IFT), Undergraduate Pilot Training (UPT), Initial Qualification Training (IQT), and Mission Qualification Training (MQT). You will have a dedicated IP for all training sorties, and all flights will be flown one-on-one except as required by the desired learning objectives (DLOs). If you struggle with a topic during training, your IP will work with you until you get it nailed down before moving on as long as you show continued effort and desire to be here.*

*NOTE - Student pilots may be removed from the training course if deemed appropriate by the IP or 163rd vFS Command Staff.

Combat Operations

Formatted in monthly "scenario packages," realistic political and military scenarios are generated by our mission staffers that lead to the deployment of the 163rd vFS to a combat theater. We conduct missions following this themed scenario for one month, until the next month begins, and thus we begin a new scenario. Check the "What We Do" page for a brief synopsis providing an example of one of our scenario packages.


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Please select the option which you feel best describes your capabilities in the A-10C. This includes systems knowledge, weapon employment, and all other aspects of operating and employing the A-10C in combat. We accept pilots of all skill levels and offer extensive flight instruction based on the needs or request of the pilot.
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