do you have DCS: combined arms and want to direct and control our A-10s?

Picture it.

You're a JTAC deployed with a logistics convoy moving through the Caucasus mountains in Northern Georgia, when suddenly you come under ambush attack from insurgent infantry on the rocky hillsides. Tracers are flying, munitions are deploying, and the radios become congested with chatter between you and the A-10s tasked with Close Air Support overhead. After a tasking and read back, the words "Cleared Hot," echo over the frequency. Seconds later, a divine thunderclap and authoritative growl rocks the battlespace, demanding attention and striking awe into the hearts of combatants as 200 30mm rounds impact the battlefield, wreaking havoc on the target of your choice. The valley rumbles as you hear the distinctive whine of TF-34s belonging to A-10s of the 163rd Virtual Fighter Squadron pass overhead. After turning your attention back to the battlespace, you realize something. The tracers have stopped. Upon your command, the guardian angels overhead have spoken. The enemy insurgents firing upon your convoy are insurgents no more.


If this is the experience you desire,

We need you!

You'll help our mission planners and staffers create scenarios and missions, and serve as a Joint Terminal Attack Controller, directing precise airstrikes from our A-10s during the heat of battle. Considering many of our missions are close-air-support based, player JTAC's are integral to our operations. We are always willing to accept JTACs and even provide them training for their position upon their request.

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